What YouTube videos have affect on with your

In this post we are going to be talking to you about a little boy more on on page SEO for your web sight. This has to do with YouTube videos and on site. We all know that content and images are very important with on-site search engine optimization but YouTube videos can play a  A big role on how fast your website gets in Google’s index. And we all know that the faster it gets in the index, the faster your website is going to rank. And isn’t that what everybody wants to happen to their website?.

YouTube videos are actually very important when it comes to on-site search engine optimization because your website is going to index about four or five times as fast as it would without. So this is something that you definitely want to add onto your website.

Google does this because it loves you too, they say that if you try to rank or YouTube video for a keyword on the Internet, then it ranks 53 times faster then a website ever will. It is still important to have a website though so you should not just rely on YouTube videos to get you traffic and leads. But it makes sense to add these YouTube videos in your site that you make because they are drastically going to  to help your website rank itself.

How to put a YouTube video onto your website.

First of all, when we talk about putting a YouTube video on your website we really recommended that you create your own and then add it. That is going to look a lot better than using somebody else’s content because Google might notice that as plagiarism.  Last thing you want Google to think is if you have plagiarized content on your website. All you have to do to add a  A video to your website is in bed the URL code into your website. This is something that is very easy to do with a lot of website builders because they will oftentimes have a YouTube video button in the builder already. All you have to do is copy and paste The United into that and you are ready to go.

That is all we have to share with you today about website building and search engine optimization. We will be sure to bring you more posts in the future on the stuff that is more in debt. Thank you for listening in again and have a great day!

On pages search engine optimization

On page search engine optimization

Today we are going to go over the topic of how to master’s on site search engine optimization for your website. There is a lot of information out there on how to do off site SEO and those are the best search engine optimization tricks, but on site is just as important. On the  Front end is where everything starts and if you don’t have the style then, then your website will not link overall. So in essence, it is more important than offsite search engine optimization because you need this before anything.

There are three things that go together to make the perfect on site search engine optimization. We will be explained to you though in detail in a list below. Those three things are image placement,  Correctol headlines, and quality and amount of content.

  1. on site content-  this is the most important of the three because you need a lot of relevant content on your site to make sure that Google recognizes it as similar to the keywords you’re trying to rain for. The biggest thing is that your content is exactly optimized to the keywords that you’re trying to rank for because Google is ultimately looking for the most relevant results to that keyword.   That means naturally whoever has the most relevant content with other things together as well will be in the website that ranks on top.   To do this, your content has to be keyword optimized. That means you interlace the main keywords of what you’re trying to rank for multiple times in your content. Also make sure that your content is authentic and has not been copied off of any sources. If Google sees that you had plagiarized contents, then they will make it effective immediately that your site gets blacklisted and will never have a chance at ranking again.
  2.  Number of images and image placement-on top of relevant content, you also want to make sure that you have relevant images attached to your website as well. On top of having those image of these be relevant, you also want a lot of  them.   We recommend that you have at least 10 images that are related to the topic that you are trying to rank for. This means that if your topic is about general contracting, then you make all of your images relevant to general contracting.  You also want to place these images correctly with the text headlines so that they match up with what you’re talking about. The other part of images is that you optimize them from the backend by adding the name of what the image is about in the all text. Also known as the alternate text, this is where the name of the image is placed.   Timidly if Google does not see this when the bot calls the sites, then it is not going to know what the image is about and it will be negative to the Proper headline text-you want to make sure that you are labeling your headlines correctly. That means using bold font and of your site. So make sure that you do that when you are placing every image in. Also make sure to use keywords of what you’re trying to rank for in the alternate text of the image so that Google can pick up those keywords as much as possible. The more times you have the keywords placed in the site without looking  fishy, the more it is going to help.
  3. Proper headline text-you want to make sure that you are labeling your headlines correctly. That means using bold font and  keywords in those headlines. When you have bold fonts, Google is going to see those as the first text that pops up because it is the most noticeable. So you want to make sure that every topic you’re talking about has a different keyword interlaced in that content. And then make sure that the content in that paragraph or so is directly related to what the headline is about.

Those are the three secrets to on site to search engine optimization, and if you follow exactly what we said in this post then you will for sure rank any kind of site you want along with a lot of back and search engine optimization. Remember that front and content is not what’s going to get you there. It will actually get you there eventually, but it is going to take a long time.  Ultimately what is going to boost you to the top the fastest is back in the search engine optimization tricks such as private blog networks and gas posting.

If you are looking for an example of a site that has the perfect on site to search engine optimization, then you should definitely take a look at our friends over at Sacramento CA roofing.

also check out this YouTube video about on site seo

New website builders to use

New website builders to use


One thing that is the ranking create your website on an HTML5 website building drag-and-drop platform. Unlike Weebly, this type of website building platform is going to write all that code for you that is necessary for the website to function.  Weebly does Not use any code for their websites. The advantage of code is that you can do a lot of search engine optimization things with it. You can write a lot of metadata into the code which is going to really boost the seo tremendously.

On top of boosting the SCO, these website building platforms are also going to let you build some very stunning websites that are really going to wow everybody that looks at them!  You can make this link is in the sexiest designs on these HTML builders because everything is completely custom.  On the first building that we touch of us, you can make some awesome websites but they are not fully customizable. On builders like square space you can do photo scroll back drops and video scroll.  This is something that will look like either a video that is playing in the back image or a slideshow of photos. This is something that is very hard to do with coding by your self and something that you cannot do on the Weibley website builder. When you are coating on your own it is something that is very time-consuming and annoying to do because it’s very complicated. That is  why you need to let one of these builders do the work for you so it can save you a bunch of time.  All you would have to focus on it this point is designing the website and not writing the code. That’s with square space hires a team of professionals to do. They already have the platform built out so you just go from there and drag and drop it.

Site Lee and square space were named the two best HTML5 website builders on the market. This is because they are the easiest to use all of the new ones. What is awesome about these builders is that they still have that very easy drag-and-drop feel to them. Youre not going completely from scratch with these builders which is very nice .

That is what we have to share with you today about the best website builders and why it is going to help boost the seo in your website tremendously!

Look at squarespace.com and give them a test run.

A new business model

Lead generation

We wanted to talk to you about a new business model that has to do with search engine optimization strategies. What people used to do is they would go to businesses and preach search engine optimization  services on their websites, or people would do things like affiliate marketing for companies like click bank and Amazon. Those are great and all but we have found a new business model that is untapped and probably will never get saturated. And that business model that we are talking about is local lead generation.  Because you set up websites to generate leads for local businesses but you on the domains and you sell them just the leads. When you do this you will have a residual income that is there for most likely the rest of your life. This is literally a business model that you will  working diligently at to build up for five years to build up a multi million dollar residual income and then retire. There is not another business model that is as lucrative as this anywhere. And we think that you guys need to win this as well. We the people that have created this blog do this for a living and  now we are completely retired after doing it for five years. We are now leaving the lives of our dreams and nobody can tell us what to do.

As we teach you how to rank websites in this blog you can use those strategies to go and apply them to this business model and make a fortune. That is all we really wanted to share with you today. Just make sure to watch the videos and read the posts that we have soon from so that you can learn how to rank websites and then start making a bunch of money!

The number one search engine optimization tactic and secret

Private blog networks

Hey people and today we are going to be talking to you about the number one search engine optimization Tactacan secret that you can use to start ranking your websites big time today!

The number one tactic that we are talking about is called the use of a private blog network. This is a very high-tech search engine optimization strategy that the top experts are using to create the number one websites on the market today. If you are not using a private blog network to rank your websites then you are seriously losing out on some  crazy high ranking juice.

you have to realize though that creating a private blog network is not an easy thing to do and it takes a lot of knowledge and steps to complete the right way. Let us dive right in to exactly how you’re going to be able to do something like this and what you need to know.

  •  The first thing you want to focus on when creating a private blog network is picking up the original domains that you’re going to use to point to your money website.  When you are looking for the right domains to use as influence domains, you want to make sure that you were looking for a couple key factors. You want to make sure that these domains have a high domain authority and a high trustful rating. I trustful rating means that these domains have been age for a long time, have a lot of content and Google really trusts them  to be a very high-quality website.  You often times want to aim for a website that has a trustful rating of 20 or above.  If you’re not focusing on that, then you do not want to waste your time with domains that are less because they are not going to have that much juice for your website. Building up a private blog network is a very painstaking process and if you can do it with less domains then it’s better. It is going to save you a lot of time by not having to work as many hours writing all the content for these blogs. So if you can find very high  trust flow blogs then you’re going to have to use much less. Google look at it better if you have five extremely high authority domains pointing to you versus 20 really subpar domains.
  •  After you have found your perfect batch of high-quality domains, you want to set them up. In the set up process there are a few things you have to focus on. You have to focus on setting the permit links right, pointing the name servers to the right registrars and then setting up the blog and getting the content on it. You want to make sure that when you’re doing all of this you are very and everything up as well. So that means you will vary at the registrars between domains, you will vary up  The content, hosting accounts, and pummeling’s as well.  You want to do this because this is a very black hat search engine optimization strategy that you were using on your website and black cat means that it is a big no-no to Google. If Google finds out that you’re running a private blog network to your website, then they will blacklist it right away and we do not want that happening considering that you’re going to be paying about $100 or more per domain that you pick up for your money site.

This is hands-down the most powerful strategy you can use to rank websites fast and effectively. Once you have a private blog  network pointed to your website it will never lose its ranking because it will have so much juice that’s none of the other competition will even be able to match up to you. So we recommend that you take this information that we shared with you today and go learn a little bit more about what it is so that you can really start implementing the strategies. We recommend that you check out YouTube.com or Wikipedia.org to find out in-depth reviews and tutorials on how to build these types of things up. We would teach you how to do this in depth, but it would take us a long time to do so. That is why we are showing your resources to go to to figure this out.

Here is a video that explains about how to build up a private blog network in detail.

Yahoo and google facts blog

Hello to our new viewers and welcome to our new blog that is all about facts from Yahoo and Google. We are a blog that is going to be talking to you about weird things that Google do as well as how to rank websites. Everybody always wants to know about how to sneak past Google’s algorithm’s and that is what we are exactly going to show you.

There are many different factors that go into raking the website and it is actually a very complicated process that takes a long time to learn. But over the course of the next couple weeks through the articles that we share we will teach you step-by-step on how to make websites and Google. This is one of the most important skills that you can have today because it is something that can make you a lot of money. Is also  good skill to have because it can get you a very good job. If you learn the skills then you will not have to go to college in order to make a living for yourself. You will simply have to rank few website and be able to show people that you did that so that you can rank theirs.

Please stay tuned on a daily basis and check into our blog for new content that we will be posting soon.